Freedom from Addiction

Weekly Support Group

Residential Program

Broken Chains is our longest running small group meeting for those struggling with addiction.  Our method is simple - One Step. We believe that small group meetings are a vital component for developing accountability on a personal level.  The combination of strong Biblical teaching with powerful sharing time leads to victory.   We teach through scripture and work on applying it to our daily struggles.

Broken Chain's Purpose:
  • Be reconciled to God through Jesus Christ
  • Be dependent on the Holy Spirit for personal victory
  • Apply Biblical Principles to every aspect of our lives
  • Provide love and support to those seeking freedom
  • Encourage one another through prayer
Men of Valor Training Center is a residential  program for men with life controlling problems who are determined to overcome their struggles. The framework for this program is a process by which desperate men come to accept the Biblical message of becoming a "new creation" through faith in Jesus Christ. Old things pass away and all things become new .  The goal of this program is that each graduate become an honest, trustworthy man of God empowered by the Spirit of God.

Features of MOVTC
Bible Study: The renewing of each student's mind is accomplished through daily Bible studies, devotional readings and prayer. Regular attendance at church services is paramount to this renewal process.

Manual Labor: All students are required to do physical work. Labor includes janitorial duties, thrift store duties, upkeep around the church and any other  jobs in the North Shore area.  

Discipline: Discipline has been defined as "delayed gratification". Students re-gain control of their lives through discipline, correction and reproof. They learn to distinguish between good and poor choices based upon the consequences of their choices.

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